Hennepin County Government

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Hennepin County Offices

Hennepin County Office Numbers

Neighbors Resource is pleased to present this directory of Hennepin County offices, including website links and telephone numbers.

Government Center 612-348-3000
Birth & Death Certificates Licenses 651-201-5980
County Board Meetings/Agendas 612-348-3081
County Maps 612-593-0300
County Information 612-348-3000
County Budget 612-348-5125
County Attorney 612-348-5550
District Court Info 612-348-6000
Conciliation Court 612-348-2713
Juvenile Courts 612-348-4822
Hennepin County Bar Association 612-752-6600
Public Defender 612-348-7530
Community Corrections/Parole 612-348-2240
Adult Protection 612-348-4365
Domestic Abuse / Main Service Center 612-348-5073
Children & Family Services 612-596-8519
1st Call For Help 800-442-8565
Citizen Protection/Consumer Problems 612-348-2146
Sheriff 612-348-3744
Elections/Voter Registration 612-348-5151
Public Library 612-543-5900
Public Records/Property Liens 612-348-5139
Taxes/Property 612-348-3011
Regional Parks 763-559-9000
Recycling Center 612-348-3777
Hazardous Waste (Household only) 612-348-3777
General Health Info 612-596-1300
Immunization Services 612-348-2741
Poison Center 612-347-3141
Hennepin County Services to Seniors 612-541-1019
Hennepin Medical Center 612-873-3000
Hennepin County Health Dept. 612-348-3000
Traffic Violations 612-348-2040

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This page was last updated on August 14, 2018