Cruises & Boat Charters in Minneapolis

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Boat Charters

One of the best ways to enjoy The Land of 10,000 Lakes is by taking a ride on a magnificent yachting class boat, such as the ones available from the businesses listed here. Neighbors Resource is pleased to offer this directory of local boat charters in the Minneapolis area which includes details about the boats available, focusing on the Lake Minnetonka region. Ahoy!

Boat Charters & Cruises
in Minneapolis

Name Size/Make #Of Home Port Phone #
Al & Alma's Charter Cruises 83' Bella Vista 100 Cooks Bay 952-472-3098
69' Pluckbaum 100
(2) 64' Bluewater 80
(2) 55' Bluewater 60
(2) 55' Bluewater 50
30' Century 15
Lady of the Lake 70' Sternwheller 150 Exclesior Bay 952-929-1209
Paradise Charter Cruises 96' Skipperliner 149 Mississippi River 952-474-8058
70' Skipperliner 80 Excelsior Bay
(2) 57' Skipperliner 60
70' Skipperliner 72
Seanote Cruises 80' Breaux Bay Craft 50 St. Croix River 952-944-7464
60' Bluewater 60 Excelsior Bay
58' Criss Craft 60
Wayzata Bay Charters 60' Skipperliner 80 Excelsior Bay 952-451-9001

Boat Rentals in Minneapolis

  1. Bay To Bay Boat Club
    135 Lakeview Avenue, Excelsior, MN

  2. Howard Point
    5400 Howard Point, Shorwood, MN

  3. Rockvam Boat Yards
    4068 Sunset Drive, Spring Park, MN

  4. Stillwater Boat Club & Rental
    575 North Main Street, Stillwater, MN

  5. Minnetonka Boat Club & Rental
    4850 Edgewater Drive, Mound, MN

  6. Harty's Boat Club
    1920 Medicine Lake Road, Plymounth, MN

  7. Bay Jet Ski Rentals
    2630 Commerce Blvd, Mound, MN

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This page was last updated on July 21, 2018

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